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100% Trevira CS Fringe / String curtains - flame retardant - upto 20 Meter height








Colour shades Lame mix. Trevira CS*IHFR* fringes colors Lame Fadenvorhang Lame Fadenvorhang Lame Fadenvorhang KaDeVe KaDeVe Lame String Curtain Wall devision Room partitions Chandalier Chandalier made of white String Curtains Lighting effects Lighting pillars White fringe curtain, customized up to 12 meters height.Heavent Expo Fringes dividing a bar at the Showmansshow United Kingdom 2007 Fringes used as room divider in Milan Transparent String curtain in MilanOffice room dividers Elegant office dividers Room partition Fringe curtain with printed logo, custom made L`Oreal convention in Los Angeles, the logo is projected on the strings Event: Room devision at Design Interiors Birmingham Ceiling decoration at the reception room of an hotel Meeting Point bei der SIEL Theatershow in Paris Portable room divider


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string curtain
String curtain used as theater backdrop
pdf-download technical details overview Varia France


String curtains at KaDeVe

Read more about Varia Fringes:

Inherent flame retardant:

Varia String curtains are flameretardant inherrent. We only use fiber with 100% Trevira CS - Firecertificate to British Standard. The top is on one side velcro, to stiffen the heading.

Customized height upto 20 meter:

Standard size of our fringe curtains is 2.10m width x 3.20m drop, but they can be custom made up to 20 mtr.


Download our colour shades here

Printed Logo:

If you want to have your company logo printed on the fringes, we will do this for you.

Portable room divider:

Tied in a knott the curtains are easily to transport from event to event. They are lightweight, have no volume and are extremely easy to handle.

Room divider:

Our curtains are from a high quality. You can use them as room dividers on events, exhibitions, in hotels, restaurants, bars and more. Look at our images to get some ideas.

Office partitions

In the office fringe curtains create elegant, transparent room dividers.

Lighting effects / projections

Different kind of lighting effects can be created with fringe curtain. Look at our images to find examples for chandeliers, projections and shining pillars.