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Decorative wall paints - Farbex DECOLINE

Decorative painting techniques enhance your walls with trend effects.
Enrich your walls with a velvety gloss finish or a glint with gold or silver, or give your walls an antique touch.

Farbex wall paints give your walls a glamorous look.
They are recommended for prestigious ambience, villas, elegant apartments, studios, hotels, stores, country and farmhouses etc..

The wall paints are available in many different colours.

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Decorative wall paints

Dekorative Wandfarbe SetteveliSETTEVELI gives out "chiaroscuro" nuances, with a soft-sandy veil finish, ready-to-use.

Dekorative Wandfarbe MuranoMURANO is unique and prestigious with a slight "Satin" finish, vibrant and with a strong character.
Delicate "chiaroscuro" effects as well as delicate and fascinating nuances.

Dekorative Wandfarbe MadreperlaMADREPERLA is decorative finish paint for interiors easily applied by brush.
It reproduces the optical effect of pearly velvet and delicate light refraction effects..

Dekorative Wandfarbe ShrazadeSHARAZADE is a decorative NACREOUS finish for interior, washable and transpiring. Wonderful effect!
Base silver.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Shrazade LuxSHARAZADE LUX is a decorative NACREOUS finish for interior, washable and transpiring. Wonderful effect!
Base bronce and gold.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Veicot PearlVEICOT PEARL is a new wall decorative paint with a "MOTHER-OF-PEARL" effect, easy to apply.
Its elegance recreates the effect of the ancient Renaissance decorations.

Dekorative Wandfarbe VeicotVEICOT introduces a new concept of wall decoration that reproduces, through modern technologies,
the effect of the aesthetical and elegant effect of the Renaissance "COCCIOPESTO"

Dekorative Wandfarbe FarbelFARBEL is the modern version of the antique "VENETIAN STUCCO"
that creates this elegant decoration in high value interiors.