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Aluminium chain link curtains / fly curtains or screens in various colours made of aluminium

This metal chain link curtain made of aluminium is often also called fly curtain or fly screen, as it is traditionally used as a door curtain to protect insects entering the room.
Today, these aluminum curtains are favoured by designers and decorating of hotels, shopping malls, showrooms, etc. . The surface of this chain link curtain is shiny and available in many colors.

Color selection fly curtain RIO

blue, bronze, gold, green, red, black, metal gun, silver

Fliegenvorhang Farben

Color selection

Wire diameter: 2.0mm - hook diameter: 12mm

Chain link curtain colours 1
K-26 K-12 K-02 K-37 K-06 K-24 K-07 K-28 K-18 K-57-Q K-76
Chain link curtain colours 2
K-21 K-11 K-63 K-71 K-38 K-60 K-57 K-73-Y K-18-Y K-31-Q K-76-Y


Track / Rail

Fliegenvorhang Aufhängung Fliegenvorhang Aufhängung


Kettenvorhang rot

Fliegenvorhang rot Detail