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New: We offer a small selection of unique plain fabrics, flame retardant

Plain fabrics for the entrance area and bedrooms of hotels, for restaurants and generally for interior decoration

Nizza Unito:
Crushed polyester sheer, this one is translucent with fine slub ...

Width: 295/300 cm
Weight: 49g/m²
Material:  100% Polyester
Roll: 25m, Sold per roll only

Satin black-out, very suitable for hotel window treatments

Width: 300 cm
Weight: 250g/m²
Material:  100% Polyester, flame retardant
Roll: 25m, sold per roll only

Nizza Strop:
Light transmission sheer, in a wide range of colours

Width: 295/300 cm
Weight: 63g/m²
Material:  100% Polyester
Roll: 25m, sold per roll only