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Metal curtains with geometric patterns

Squares Rectangles Variatex Orient Colours Hanging / Rail
Metal curtain squares Metal curtain rectangles Metal curtain Variatex Metal curtain squares Metal curtain colours Metal curtain hanging


Hanging System / Track / Rail

Aufhängung Metallplättchen

1. Traditional system with ø 20 mm rings for ø 5 - 12 mm tubular rods

2. Traditional system with ø 36 mm rings for ø 15 - 30 mm tubular rods

3. System with ±120 mm wide dividing plates (this system facilitate the opening and
closing of the curtains)

4. Japanese screen system with ±500 mm plates


Hanging for heavy curtains

Aufhängung für schwere Vorhänge

1. Rail for heavy curtains

2. Profile

3. Ceiling

4. Wall